A Sabbatical Was Needed

I do apologize to one and all for my absence– I had to do some more soul searching– under a pen name. The truth of the matter is that even if I never make any money as a more “traditional” writer, at least I will feel good talking about it at parties 🙂 There is a certain amount of….flair? About being an author– something creative. My sabbatical was about trying my fortitude at writing adult material– for money– on the Internet. Sure….anyone will give you the space to write for free….but that was not what I was attempting to do (write for a living).

I did find a few articles about people who do get paid very well at it– especially after working very hard writing “lots” of shorter stories pretty much on the same subject. To each his own I guess. I got the impression that it really does– “sex sells”– pay well….but it’s a numbers game. After about the thirtieth story that people might by (not counting the anthologies an author might throw together…..then you really start to make money. Oh well. Another reason I stopped was (among other things)…..even if I did “make my millions”…..I wouldn’t be able to talk about it– especially at parties 😛

I am alive and well….and now trying to figure out what I want to write next 🙂

Cya 🙂

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