What is the Power of Enthusiasm?

I was rifling through another “spiritual gymnasium” book and it inspired me to pull a different book off the shelf. It’s been sitting there for years.

I just re-read the first chapter of a book that has likely been out of print for at least a decade– the last copyright was over thirty years ago. It talks about the power of ENTHUSIASM. Now the book itself is geared to salespeople and how to be more successful in selling (shoes, ships, shock absorbers, a turd in a box, whatever)…..but really enthusiasm can multiply success in any endeavor.

I do know one thing…when I act enthusiastic….I am more productive and better at whatever it is that I endeavor to do. If I continue to act enthusiastic, after awhile, I BECOME enthusiastic. This is another attempt to act enthusiastic! On a parting note, I will copy a poem near the end of the first chapter of that book. It was written by Herbert Kauffman:


You are the man who use to boast…That you’d achieve the uttermost…Someday.

You merely wished a show…To demonstrate how much you know…And prove the distance that you can go….

Another year we’ve just passed through…What new ideas came to you?…How many big things do you do?

Time…left twelve fresh months in your care…How many of them did you share…With opportunity and dare…Again where you so often missed?

We do not find you on the list of Makers Good….Explain the fact!…And no, ’twas not the chance that you lacked!…As usual– you failed to act!

As I just typed that poem, it startled me how quickly my typing speed came back to me. If you will excuse me….I’m going to go be enthusiastic in other areas of my life…other than computer gaming 😉

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