On Tenacity…..

A couple of weeks ago, I made the “mistake” of several stops along the way in my daily travel. I was getting information and questions answered at different businesses that could have been resolved with several phone calls to various places, but in each case the quick little stop was “along the way” and would not take that much longer than a lot of time on the phone trying to get to the right person to speak to. The upshot of this is that by the end of the day I did the math and I made TEN trips “to and from the car” (each way) in the hot Arizona sun.

This did not do well for my sedentary lifestyle.

Did I think I was having a heart attack? I wondered at first, but not really. Heat or sunstroke was probably what I was on the borderline of…but that is another issue. At the time I resolved that it might be a good idea to…you know….walk around the block once in awhile….get a little exercise….so that the next time a situation required a little more of me, I would be a little better equipped to perform the task. After reading the chapter on enthusiasm yesterday, I resolved that I would take that walk around the block every day at 10 PM. By then it would be cool enough to not be as strenuous and still give me time to take a shower before bed should I choose to do so.

So last night (no surprise) I’m playing a computer game and I became tired enough to stop the game that I was playing at the time (and select another one). Doink! I remembered my commitment to my nightly walk again and lo and behold, it was 10:07. THEN was the time to shuck off the computer games and get back to my chosen goal. Minor miracle involved, I did so and then proceeded to get ready to go for my new daily/nightly walk. My wife had already gone to bed so a fair amount of silence and minimal hassle would be required to keep from waking her up. As it turned out, for me to leave the house would require (among other things) putting the dog back in her crate. This is rarely a quiet task considering her crate is in the same room that she sleeps.

Was I defeated? NO….I thought about it and pondered what else I could do to achieve my stated goal– a little exercise. Granted, most would not consider this exercise in the traditional sense of the word, but when your life is pretty much going to the fridge and “point and click” even chores can be a step up in the way of health. I did what any good husband would do– I folded clothes with gusto!!!

Previously, any good workaholic would have to squint as he or she would watch me drudgingly select “an easy one” piece of laundry to fold, almost carefully fold it, and then with minimal effort place it on one of the piles before me on the bed. This time, I was committed to folding the entire basket of laundry and not “just enough to get by” (I never did finish the ENTIRE basket, but that’s another story). Did I “pick and choose” what to fold next? NO….it didn’t matter at that point anymore. I snatched the next piece on top and quickly folded it as if Jack LaLane were grading me as to my level of effort.

When I was done (almost, that feeling of tightening in my chest resumed again, I figured it was a good idea to stop). I put everything that I had folded away and then went to bed. What I DID have as I laid my head down onto the pillow was something that I hadn’t felt in a little while….a sense of…..accomplishment.

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