On Acting as If……

There is an old saying….”act as if”. Another corollary to that is “fake it until you make it”. Someone also once said: “Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one will know the difference.” These can all be used for enthusiasm. Do I feel enthusiastic in my daily life yet? Sad to say, no. I am still in the “faking it” stage…..

I have noticed three things though. The first and a little more obvious is that with all this (alleged) enthusiasm and a little more “mild exercise”….things are getting done around here in a more timely fashion than before. For example, the laundry that I folded yesterday or the day before likely would not have been done until next weekend (when the laundry baskets would have to be emptied anyway. The mess created by the monsoon last night– a good ten minutes just to clean up the pile into a fairly neat stack– could/would have taken weeks for me to “get around to it”….possibly after being “suggested” at least once by Mrs. Shogren….she’s a keeper though 🙂

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that when I employ a little enthusiasm, my brain works differently….”better” would be another word. For example, I’ve been meaning to check part of the pool machinery “off and on” for months. The problem is that the part that needs checking doesn’t operate until the pool pump has been on for at least several minutes (and that happens while we are asleep. With the inclement/horrid weather, the pump has been left on to help keep the pool clean. This morning, I even wrote myself a note…and upon returning home from the pool store, Karen had shut the pool pump off this morning (rats!). So I practice “enthusiasm” and go out near dark (when it’s cooler) to dismantle a light fixture before the next monsoon hits. No note, no reminder from anyone, I remembered to check the pool machinery.

I didn’t ask questions 😉 ENTHUSIASM! …and with gusto!!!

Lastly…dare I dream…when I go to work tomorrow (at a job I kinda really do hate)….I just might have something that I haven’t had in a little more than a little while…..hope. I hope that something (more specifically work related) will be different. So it would seem right now…and yes if it meant saving the mortgage I would do it….short of working in a fast food joint anything would be better than my current job……

….and I’m just “faking it until I make it” (actually FEEL enthusiastic)…..

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