Envisioning the Goal….

My stated goal is to make more money– and be more enthusiastic about it. I never argued against that. Part of the plan is to envision what Peter’s life will be like with more money in it– a lot of it. In other words, if I can’t “see” myself with more money, then I will be doomed to a life of financial mediocrity because of it. The other side of that coin (assuming that you don’t believe in positive affirmations and visualizations, and that’s fine) is– what do you have to lose?

So I got to thinking about this today and there is an old(er) movie starring Tom Hanks where he is stranded on a desert island– for years on end. Now without giving too much of the movie away, he survives the experience (this IS a Tom Hanks movie– he’s not going to die at the end) and with a good half-hour of movie left to go he has hair down to the middle of his back and his beard is down to his chest– he looks like “The wild man from Borneo”. He’s improved over the years but still every day is a fight for food, water, and survival. Almost the next day in the movie, he’s clean shaven, dressed normally in a nice shirt and slacks, and he’s doing his best to attend the welcome home party for him. In the next scene after he retires for the night, his hotel room is empty….but the light by the bed keeps clicking “on”, and “off”….on….and off….on…..and off….. The camera pans around the bed and there’s good ol’ Tom lying there in his shirt and slacks holding the clicker to turn the light on and off….re-adjusting to something that we take for granted in life– ELECTRICITY.

So I got to thinking about it today and I can’t help but wonder if that would be me– with the air conditioning in the house here in Arizona. For anyone who doesn’t know….typically in July and August it’s 115 degrees or more most of the time. It’s miserable. Now…no….NOT if….WHEN…..thank you…..we are making THAT much money….an eight hundred dollar electric bill would be unbelievable to normally waged folk…..and to me for a little while. To help get “acclimated”….I would turn the A/C on….and off…..on…..and off……why??? BECAUSE I CAN!

Life in the fast lane for newly upper class folks I guess. I’ll get over it 😉

Sidebar….later in life (i.e. my mid-thirties)….there was a time when I was so broke (poor) that I at “cheese” sandwiches. There literally wasn’t any money for lunch meat. I didn’t see it that way at the time but that’s the way that it was. This went on for months. To this day, I can’t bring myself to eat “just” a cheese sandwich. The memories are still a little painful.

When I become part of the upper class….that pain should go away. Speaking of which….I asked myself yesterday: “Self? Do I want to be part of the upper class?” Now mind you….that is NOT a trick question. All those hours of reading self-help books have started to pay off I think….it was a profound question at the time. It still is. The answer is…..YES!

So then the question becomes….what do I have to do to get there other than envision the goal, post pictures of people doing all the things that I want to do? More on this later……

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