Positive Affirmations Evolve Into a Powerhouse

I think I said it before, I’ll say it again. Positive affirmations. I didn’t think much about them years ago but now I’m working on them again. Each of us has two ears and one mouth. What that mouth is saying throughout the day keeps going back in through the ears….this reinforces our vision of the world that each of us lives in. If you still don’t want to play, what do you have to lose?

So this was my experience today (and maybe some of yesterday, but who’s counting?)….I started with two affirmations that I created some weeks ago– It is Easy to Make Money! and Clues are all Around Me! The second one relates back to the first– not just in how to make a lot more money than I do now, but a little more importantly how I want to make that money. Do I want to be a baker, a bricklayer, or a candlestick maker?

So off I go….over and over again I say these two sayings as I go throughout my day. Now the first one saw a little improvement– out of my mouth fell “It is easy for me to make money!” Do you see the distinction? In the first instance, I’m could be referring to just anyone. I didn’t see that at the time when I first started saying it. The second instance refers more specifically to me personally.

Now the second one evolved a little more so even. “Clues <as to what I want to do> are all around me!” mutated into “Clues are all around me– just waiting to happen!” In this iteration….I’m specifying to Universal Intelligence (whatever you want to call it) that the clues to help me get better are to happen “sooner, not later”. Now, this is still going to happen <grumble grumble grumble> in God’s time….but that’s another story. In the third instance….as I was still saying the second one “over and over again”…what fell out of my mouth was: “Clues are all around me– just waiting to find me!” This time I’m specifying/calling/whathaveyou tidbits of information to show me what I really want to be doing in a day to day grind that will make me a lot more money than I am making now…..

That’s the plan….and I’m sticking to it. I’m Peter Shogren 🙂

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