On Failing…and it’s OK….

I don’t know about you but as much as I enjoy it, when when it’s Christmas, I don’t learn much. When it’s Christmas– or any other really happy time– there is no motivation for me to change any of my behaviors. OK…maybe let my relatives take my picture (wish them luck).  The other side of that coin is that if every day were Christmas with all the presents, good cheer, and people actually being polite in traffic for once, then Christmas wouldn’t mean much.

What about when we fail/fall short of the mark/appear “less than”? Does that mean that we are bad people? Unworthy of affection? Doomed to a life of mediocrity? No….of course not. What it does mean is that we have become human….nothing more.

When I fail– I GET to try again. I get another chance to succeed! And in so doing…I’m still in the ring (boxing). What if Edison tried his 4,504th time and gave up? Someone else would have invented the light bulb. That’s all.

When I fail– what if “they” won’t like me? Well then, if that becomes true, then they weren’t my “friends” anyway. Time to make some new– and better– ones 🙂

The important thing is to keep making progress toward the goal. There is an old Native American tale of how a huge tree fell into a river, blocking the flow of water to the local tribe’s fields. The Chief of the tribe went to The Great Spirit asking for help. The Great Spirit then told the Chief to have his tribe pull the great big tree out of the river. The Chief asked how this would be done…the tree must have weighed at least a hundred bison. It was too heavy to lift. Then the Great Spirit said that more animals would be provided for a year so that the tribe could eat. The tree was 365 feet long and the tribe was to chop off one foot of tree per day. After a year the river would start to flow properly again and the normal amount of animals would be available for hunting.

If each of us had to be perfect in this life, none of us would succeed and no one would learn anything. We would all be perfect. Dare to fail….dare to learn….

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