The Guy at the Water Machine

I am beginning a new adventure as a copywriter. As silly as this may sound, a copywriter is not about the “c” with a circle around it, it is someone who writes copy (advertising). A few days ago I bought a training course for a relatively nominal fee based on an email or a web page I read and I had started my journey.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the tap water in Phoenix is vile. I’m not sure but I think Mexican water might be worse (“Don’t dreenk dee wahterrr!”), but not by much. So like everyone else I was at the water machine filling my jugs and as it turned out, there were three machines lined up in a row. One was labeled as out of order and the next one at least looked like it was out of order, so I decided to use only the one machine that was obviously working. Come to find out, the first jug of water filled not almost to the top, it was overflowing with water and I made a point to remember that for the following week.

So this guy walks up with his empty five gallon jug and starts inspecting the remaining water machines and at the time, I just wanted to play “the good Samaritan”. I politely informed him of my newfound information (that my water machine dispensed more water that the other machines in the local area would) to which he thanked me. As I walked away pushing my cart of filled water jugs…..

.oO(What just happened there??? I changed his behavior?)Oo.

After I got home, I sat down and wrote a (crude) persuasive letter to a fictitious man such as the one that I spoke with several minutes before based on what little I had learned from the “nominal fee” course that I had purchased. Even when I was done, I knew that it wasn’t “good” copy…..but I knew that I could do it.

Being that I had responded to a bunch of copywriters that were really good a persuasive writing, they wrote another letter– that did make sense (at least at the time). They even gave a steep discount for the “additional” course. So I’ve given them (essentially) the gas money that I had preciously saved to go on vacation in a couple of months, partly for reasons/things that I (hope that I have) learned from another self-help book. Now that my ships are burned and I am stranded on the beach… we gooooooo!

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