Resistance Without Walls

ob is the protagonist, Dave(id) is the Hero

9/3/16 “There are countless ways that they bleed us dry Dave– many of them we are not even aware of…..”

“They? You aren’t going to put on a foil hat, are you?”

“No of course not. You can slice this any way that you like Dave, this is just reality. Take Arthur’s rabies shot the other day. As any vetrenarian will tell you, we’ve been pumping our pets with rabies vaccinations for so long realistically there isn’t any chance of household pets getting the disease. At least not unless Arthur runs off into the wild where the fleas, ticks, and snakes are. Now, you could argue that we need to keep vaccinating our animals to keep rabies from coming back into the cities but ask yourself….why does the government keep forcing us to keep them vaccinated so often? Really…a vet told me one time that the shot lasts for like seven years. Why does the county have us do that?” Bob waited…..

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why?”

“More money….” Dave looked sideways at Bob. “Even on the Internet it’s damn near impossible to find out exactly how much goes to the county animal control unit…. Some or most of that most likely filters up to the state but the government DOES get a cut…and not a little one either I’m ‘guessing’. More to the point…once the rabies laws passed, no more real effort was required on the part of the government other than the nominal cost to enforce the law. The vetrenaians collect the fee and then send it to the appointed authorites. Millions of people across America do this every three years or face a fine if they’re caught…. Can we say: ‘Cha-CHING’?.

Here is another example…everyone who wants to go hunting or fishing needs a license and those fees nominally go to support the park rangers and restock the lakes….right?”


“Okay….then why does someone who want to feed the homeless need a license to do so? Where does that money go?”

“To police the people that feed the homeless to make sure that they’re serving food in a safe and healthy manner?” Bob grinned and David scowled because of it.

“Have you ever seen anyone from the government ‘just stop on by’ to make sure that the food is cooked properly and safe to eat? No. They only come when there is a problem to hand out a fine or take someone to jail.” Bob paused, “….now in their defense….they don’t just stop on by because they don’t have time. They are too busy catching the real bad guys….but….the money from those licenes still keeps flowing up the food chain to the politicians.

Now here is where it gets really wicked…. Some other time, go onto the Internet and see what it would take to start a merchant account.”

“A what?”

“A merchant account. Pretend that you want to start a business and investigate how to take money from people using their credit and debit cards. Typically there is a monthly fee to service the account….a hundred dollars lets say. Now that fee pays the bank to keep up their infrastructure and monitor the account itself. Okay, I might be able to see that. However, note that there is almost always either a nominal transaction fee of around thirty or forty cents or a percentage fee around three percent based largely on the size of the transactions that the business does with it’s customers on each sale. You might get out of one or the other, but never both. Now you could argue that businesses ‘absorb’ those fees as a cost of doing business and simply write those fees off as a tax deduction…..”

“Makes sense.” Dave offered.

“Are you sure about that? Take a fast food restaurant. They have a very thin profit margin and cannot afford any waste or unaccounted for expenses. Even the food is measured by weight to control portion size and the costs of food preparation to stay profitable. Even the slightest costs are forced back onto the customer to keep the business making money. Now think about it…most people don’t carry cash anymore anyway….sure the merchant loses say three percent on each sale with a debit or credit card…but what about when the business bought its soda machine and other appliances? Three percent from those sales by the restaurants vendors were passed on to the restaurant. This is not to mention the syrup and soda water that the soda machine uses every day. And what about the pens that the business buys to fill out daily paperwork. Another three percent of those sales are passed on to the restaurant….if the pen wholesaler wants to stay in business they are….three percent…. And all that money keeps flowing into the banks towards God knows where twenty-four by seven by three-sixty-five.” Another pause, “…awhile back….we decided to stop playing the man’s game of money.

Oh sure…we live our lives as normal as possible….but supporting this bullshit of a government system just got to us Dave. You’ll see too.”