Restarting the Dollar…and More…..

Author’s note: Sadly, the island that I’m about to reference doesn’t exist. I’m using the island analogy simply to help ease the story along and make a point. But back to my story…..

Nick read a book once and as he was filling out his taxes, the more he thought about taxes and how that money was spent. The more he thought about it, the more angry he got. One of the points of the book was how much he actually paid in taxes– not the amount of his refund that was his money to begin with but what he actually paid to make the Federal Government run. He got so angry he thought out a very basic equation to attempt to explain to other people as to why he was so angry. He surmised that many if not most Americans didn’t earn enough money throughout the course of the year to bother with itemizing deductions. They simply took the standard deduction and left it at that.

He knew that there had to be a better way. It wasn’t just the amount of money that he was forced to pay, it was Nick’s lack of control as to how that money was spent. It was largely wasted to his mind. Nick didn’t have any children, so from a certain point of view the money that was spent on education was of no direct benefit to him at all. On the other hand, he did go to the library from time to time when other people did not. In that regard, his personal tax payments evened out and he was fairly okay with it. What he did not agree with was all the billions of dollars spent on foreign aid, idiotic research programs of no value, government subsides to various industries just to keep the market fluid, and other sundries.

As he sat and thought, he came across an idea. Things would be difficult at first….but it would be a way to get out from under the scam of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government printing money whenever it liked. Then Nick went out on Google Maps and scanned the Pacific Ocean. If he weren’t so angry as he cut the check to the IRS, he would have given up. It took him hours….but he found an island to possibly move to….if he wanted.



Forty hours per week times fifty-two weeks is about 2,000 hours per year. At a 25% tax bracket, divide that 2,000 by four to make 500 hours that you work each year for the Federal Government and it’s politicians to do whatever they want. So in effect, take the number of dollars that you make per hour, divide that number in half, and that is the number of thousand dollars that you pay each year in Federal taxes. In other words, if you make ten bucks an hour, you might get a $500 refund of your money, but you actually pay five thousand dollars a year in taxes.


· Doctors. Military personnel.
· Hunters.·Farmers, Laborers Mechanics.
· Carpenters, Electricians, Cooks.
· Engineers. Blacksmiths, Seamstresses.
· Geeks, Hookers