How to Fix American Politics for Free…..

Nothing would please me more than to write this post without controversy. Wanna change a world? Read on….

  • This is not about left or right– or even green or libertarian
  • This is not about black/white/green/polka dotted voters either
  • This is not about showing ID to vote
  • This is not about fixing the Electoral College (or not)
  • This is not about lowering taxes, raising services, or other issues
  • This is about is raising the QUALITY of the candidates that we have to choose from

There is an old joke about: “Who in their right mind would pay ten million dollars for a 1.6 million dollar job?” Over four years, that’s what the President of the United States makes in terms of salary. Why pay so much money for a job that pays so (relatively) little? At that point, any sane person would have to be “on the take” to even want the job at all. Oh….I’m sorry….in polite company they are called “campaign contributions”– not bribes. That is the only way that becoming a politician– or even a statesman– makes sense. The would be successful candidate would have to either engage in bribery, other skulduggery or abuse of power that the politician (or his relatives) can profit from directly.

The base problem is that it takes to much money to get to be President– or any other politician. Tom Curry once wroteDear Sir: The short answer is you need to gather enough signatures on petitions to get on the ballot in all 50 states. And spend a LOT of money on advertising.

<Don’t bother reading the rest of the article, I was just citing him properly> So the question becomes– “What if we could make running for office– any elected office– so cheap that anyone with a few hundred dollars could do it if they wanted to?” Answer: Good people that aren’t career politicians or business people would be on a level playing field financially with the scumbags we are forced to choose from. Good people wouldn’t NEED any corporate or special interest bribery to get on the ballot for an election. We– as Americans– would be able to ditch the two-party system that we have now. And I hate to rain on your parade, but we don’t have a two-party system. Both the left and the right sing the same tune after a few months in office….we have a one-party system.

If necessary– and your cause is not too extreme– one could even create a political party to “save the whales”/fight for disabled people/promote holistic medicine/”fill in the blank”.

What if? Let’s suppose…. What if we created another Internet extension (example, .com, .net, .org) called “.cand”, short for “candidate”. I am told that this is currently “feasible” given our current infrastructure on the Internet. In some way the extension would have to be managed so that users could pick their current municipality….users in Vermont wouldn’t be forced to sift through candidates in Ohio (or Cambodia). Then, each candidate would, purchase their own hosting (say, fifteen dollars or less each month), and are limited to say thirty/fifty pages (or less) to write a biography and “state their case”. In other words, explain WHY they should be elected and if so, what they would DO with the power granted them by us, the American people. That’s what this really comes down to doesn’t it? We as voters give them (the politicians) the power to establish and manage laws that govern how we Americans are going to live without killing each other.

That’s another thing….let’s not screw this up…. On this .cand extension….there will be ZERO “advertising” ads of any kind. That defeats the purpose of the whole idea. If a candidate really does need to make money– especially to get elected– then he can do it somewhere else.

I think I’ll stop for now….I have a “nub” of an idea here….this will get the ball rolling…..